unlimited one day travel from only... £3.50

Day Rover Ticket

Rover affordability

The Day Rover is a flexible, affordable ticket that will
take you anywhere in Tyne and Wear!

Go with Rover.

Check out all the great places you can get to when you go all over with your Day Rover!

Flexible Rover...

Get to where you want, when you want, how you want by bus, Metro, train or ferry* – and with a Day Rover Ticket, you'll get there for less!

Finding Rover...

A Day Rover is easy to find on your day of travel. Just ask the bus driver for Day Rover Ticket or press the 'Rover' button on any Metro ticket machine.

Using Rover...

It's as easy as that - once you've got your Day Rover, it's up to you. Hop on the bus, pop on the Metro, just show the bus driver or the ticket inspector your Day Rover when you board or when requested.

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Day Rover Ticket Leaflet

Click here for info on the day rover ticket.

Day Rover Leaflet