unlimited travel from only... £1.72...a day!

Students and Young
People Ticket

Wherever you want to be in Tyne and Wear, you
can get there with a Network One Ticket.

If you're under 19 or a full time Student, getting around Tyne and Wear has never been easier

This ticket for students and young people is the only travel ticket that wil let you travel throughout Tyne & Wear on virtually any bus, the Metro, Sunderland to Blaydon rail line and Shields ferry.

  • Use it all day, every day, from the start to the end of service.
  • The more you use it, the more you SAVE!

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Students and Young People Leaflet

Click here for more info on the students and young
people ticket.

Students and Young People Leaflet


Students Termly Ticket
Replacement Scheme

Click here for more information on the Student
Termly Ticket Replacement Scheme